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Wednesday 4 September 2013



  1. Good day!

    Great to see someone from Ipoh and speak Cantonese :)

    Am from Ipoh as well, and has been working in SG for close to 6years. I'm investing in STI and exploring to invest in KLSE as well.

    Like to seek your advise, you using broking platform in SG (like POEMS) or in MY ( like HongLeong)? Understand dividend is taxable in MY? So have to declare income tax in MY as well?

    Appreciate your kind reply :) Cheers!

  2. Hi Ipoh Lang~

    To answer your qeustion:

    1) Currently I am using Malaysia platfrom (Maybank Investment) to invest in KLSE.

    2) Yes, dividend is taxable in Malaysia. 2 types:
    (i) single tier dividend, which the declared amount already minus tax. and
    (ii) dividend less 25% tax (10% for REIT), where from the declared amount,
    you will only receive the amount after tax.

    for type (ii), you can claim it back if your total income in MY is less than the minimum taxable income.

    3) I did declared my income tax in Malaysia as "Zero" / jobless for Yr 2012. but i never claim back any dividend that being taxed in yr 2012, as a newbie. But for Yr 2013, i started to keep all the dividen voucher. so that i can make a claim on next yr~

    Hope this can help~

  3. Hi J. S.

    Thanks for kind reply :)



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